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Why The HOPE

         Before making The HOPE, we went to missionaries around the world with two questions: “Could

         you use another media tool in addition to the JESUS Film?,” and if so, “What should it look like?”

         The resounding response was “Yes!,” with a recurring  request for a tool that met four criteria . . .

         1) The Gospel as Story for Oral Learners - Over 60% of the Unreached People Groups consist of
         Oral Learners. These people do not readily embrace a “western” Gospel presentation with 3 points, a

         conclusion and an application. They relate to stories. The HOPE presents the greatest story ever told.

         2) The Whole Story - Most Unreached People groups do not have a basis for basic Biblical concepts
         like sin or the existence of a perfect Creator of everything. The Gospel, presented as the metanarrative

         scarlet thread of the Bible, provides a necessary foundation, and a story that explains every other story.

         3) Culturally Adaptable - People need to see and hear God’s promise delivered in their heart
         language, by one of their own, in a manner they can understand. As you will see on the following pages,

         The HOPE is unparalleled in its adaptability.

         4) Quality - How we do what we do reveals what we believe about God as much, or more, than what
         we say about Him. The HOPE uses dramatic motion picture scenes from some of the greatest Biblical

         epics ever made.  Plans are now underway to update several scenes. Because standards of quality are
         constantly changing, we view The HOPE as a living project.
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