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Thangka. Our Thangkas were created especially to illustrate
    the 36 Biblical events portrayed in The HOPE. As the plot

    develops, the story goes back and forth from The HOPE to
    scenes of the storyteller’s account of his search for truth.

 Deep in Western China lies the region of Tibet. Predominantly   The use of the traditional artwork, a Tibetan soundtrack

 Buddhist, it is home to 86 unreached people groups. The Tibetan   and native dances resulted in a powerful, culturally
 version of The HOPE exemplifies our willingness to work with   relevant media tool used by many to share the Gospel in

 partners to create culturally relevant versions of The HOPE for   that part of the world. A recent article in the International
 the unreached oral peoples of the world. Our three lead   Orality Network Journal explained that creating a HOPE

 partners in this project—a missionary, an ethnomusicologist and   adaptation like the Tibetan version provides a way for

 a filmmaker—felt that a greater degree of contextualization was   people from all cultures to see that Christ did not only
 Our storyteller searched far and wide for Truth.    needed and could be accomplished by wrapping The HOPE   come as a Deliverer for other people – but for them too!            Storyteller pointing to one of four Thangkas created
 To listen to  his original song, “The Song of the    inside a traditional Tibetan storyline.     to parallel the 36 Biblical events in The HOPE
 Wanderer,” while you read the story, click here.
    One of our earliest blessings from this project was a

 To achieve their goal, our partners created new film footage   Buddhist monk who came to Christ after viewing The
 depicting a storyteller who, in typical Buddhist tradition, travels   Tibetan HOPE. Since the original Tibetan HOPE, three more
 around sharing his story and worldview with villagers.      Tibetan dialects have been created using the same footage.

 The man tells how he traveled far and wide searching for truth,   In other HOPE adaptations, partners have created unique

 and ultimately found an elder who had a book that tells the   footage and new introductions to share the Gospel in
 story of the world. To illustrate the story in this book (the  Bible),   impactful ways. The HOPE is a living project, designed to

 our teacher uses a traditional form of Tibetan artwork called a   be adapted to your specific people’s culture and language.

 His search led to an old man who had a book that tells the story of the world.   Ethnomusicologist, Ian Collinge, and Tibetan colleague working on soundtrack
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