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Adapting The HOPE Through Art & Technology

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 Storytellers can be combined with dramatic images and then replaced with storytellers from different people groups.

 In The HOPE, storytellers provide the commentary and continuity necessary to weave together a great

 amount of Biblical content in a relatively short amount of time. At times, these storytellers appear on

 screen along with images from the story they are relating. In other sections, they are absent from the

 screen, allowing the dramatic scenes to move the story forward. Because The HOPE has been digitally
 mastered, storytellers can easily be replaced. Thus, The HOPE can be adapted for any people group.

 Voice-Over Storyteller Adaptations

    In some cases, our partners decide not to use on-screen
 storytellers, sometimes for reasons of security and/or

 safety. In these situations, a voice-only narrator is often

 used. This kind of HOPE adaptation usually costs less
 How Green Screen    and requires less time to produce than on-screen

 Works        storyteller versions. Mars Hill almost always defers this

 decision to the partners in the field.
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